• Investment Management

    NLP Financial Management offers a comprehensive, yet bespoke, Investment Management Service, via either an Advisory or Discretionary agreement.

    Flexibility is built into our investment planning regardless of which option our client selects, so that wherever possible, portfolios can be adjusted to meet a client’s changing circumstances.

    Investment Management
  • Estate Planning

    NLP Financial Management offers advice and practical solutions to our clients to help them reduce their liability to Inheritance Tax.

    The key to successful Estate planning is to address the issue early in order to devise a strategy, often stretching over many years, which will assist in the preservation of your capital for those you hold dear.

    Estate Planning
  • Pension Planning

    At NLP Financial Managment, we provide advice on all aspects of accumulating wealth using tax efficient arrangements such as personal pensions, SIPPs and SSASs.

    We also offer ongoing advice in relation to structuring and utilising these devices to mitigate present and future tax liabilities.

    Pension Planning
  • Tax Efficient Investments

    NLP Financial Management provides advice to our clients on a wide range of tax efficient investments, including ISAs, Pensions and Investment Bonds to name a few.

    We are always conscious of our clients’ tax position not only when recommending solutions, but also in determining an appropriate time to recommend disposal of investments.

    Tax Efficient Investments
  • Cash Management

    Proactively managing cash balances for individuals, trustees, charities and corporate clients can significantly improve returns available.

    Frequently we can ease the administrative burden of holding a myriad of complimentary accounts and improve tax efficiency in the process, by the use of various specialist structures designed to hold cash deposits.

    Cash Management
  • Protection, Health Insurance & Corporate Planning

    Protection cover comes in various forms; ordinary life insurance, critical illness insurance, income protection and private medical to name the most common.

    Most clients have a need for some form of cover and research indicates that many under-estimate the level of cover required.

    Protection, Health Insurance & Corporate Planning

Your financial affairs in a safe pair of hands

Portfolio management and financial planning
NLP Financial Management Limited is a boutique firm of Independent Financial Advisers, that offers a rare mix of financial planning and portfolio management services designed to ensure that clients receive comprehensive holistic advice in every aspect of their financial affairs.

Our services are designed for peace of mind

Our philosophy at NLP Financial Management is simple: ‘Your financial affairs in a safe pair of hands’.  Our wealth preservation approach has been popular with our clients as we guide them through the maze associated with each area of the financial planning process.

We provide a unique, individually tailored service, providing advice ranging from investments through to pension, tax and estate planning, and more.

Each client has a unique relationship with their NLP Financial Management consultant.  Some seek advice in specialist areas, whilst increasingly our clients are delegating control of many aspects of their financial affairs to us in order to provide them with the peace of mind that opportunities are optimised.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact one of our consultants by clicking here.

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