Cash Management

NLP Financial Management offers a cash management service to complement our other investment services.

Low interest rates offered by many institutions can be damaging in terms of income generated on capital as well as reducing its value in real terms – after accounting for inflation.

Proactively managing cash balances for individuals, trustees, charities and corporate clients can significantly improve returns available, as we seek out the best rates and terms available in the market to match with our clients’ requirements.

Frequently we can ease the administrative burden of holding a myriad of complimentary accounts and improve tax efficiency in the process, by the use of various specialist structures designed to hold cash deposits.  The service is mainly suitable for clients with cash resources of £100,000+.

Make the most of your core cash holdings by investigating the NLP Financial Management cash management service.  Contact one of our Consultants here.


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate cash management services although it may regulate products used by the service.