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NLP Financial Management offers a comprehensive, yet bespoke, Investment Management Service, via either an Advisory or Discretionary agreement.  The advisory service tends to suit those of our clients who prefer to retain a high degree of control over investment decisions.  Advice is provided by our investment professionals who will suggest the most appropriate strategies for the circumstances and make recommendations as to the underlying investments.  The client then makes the final decision, before the strategy is implemented by their NLP Financial Management consultant.

Leaving investment decisions to our Discretionary Management team is however becoming increasingly popular.  Since we launched our service in 2008, at a time of heightened market nervousness and volatility, most of our new clients and many of our established clients have chosen this route.

Portfolios are professionally and proactively managed, with swift action taken on portfolios as soon as events dictate, rather than having to wait on our clients’ instruction to proceed.  In turbulent times, this can be hugely beneficial.

Flexibility is built into our investment planning regardless of which option our client selects, so that wherever possible, portfolios can be adjusted to meet a client’s changing circumstances.  These changing circumstances are ordinarily monitored through regular face to face meetings with your NLP Financial Management consultant and other members of the team, as required, in addition to ongoing communications throughout the year.

More information on our Investment Management Service can be obtained by contacting one of our Consultants.

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Please note that past performance is not a guide to the future.  The value of your investment is not guaranteed and as unit prices can go down in value as well as up, you may not get back the full amount of your investment.