Pension Planning

NLP Financial Management are convinced that if pensions were known by another name, these supremely efficient retirement and tax planning tools would face far less resistance than is presently the case.

Liaising with our clients, both personal and corporate, we provide advice on all aspects of accumulating wealth using tax efficient arrangements such as personal pensions, SIPPs and SSASs.  We also offer ongoing advice in relation to structuring and utilising these devices to mitigate present and future tax liabilities.  We provide practical advice and assistance to companies in relation to their legal obligations towards their employees and where necessary, assist in the implementation and running of appropriate schemes.

Provision of specialist investment management, in line with our client’s individual requirements, is all part of the service proposition.

Finally, when the time is right, we advise our clients on how they can best utilise their accumulated funds to provide for themselves and/or their families.

Many legislative changes in recent years have provided incentives to promote and encourage long term saving, but there are also a great number of pitfalls which can significantly damage your wealth.  With expert guidance every step of the way, NLP Financial Management consultants can steer you through the maze and help you to maximise the advantages that prevail.  To contact a consultant, visit our contact page.


Please note that past performance is not a guide to the future.  The value of your investment is not guaranteed and as unit prices can go down in value as well as up, you may not get back the full amount of your investment.