Protection, Health Insurance & Corporate Planning

NLP Financial Management advisers are specialists in the provision of financial protection solutions.

Life insurance wrapped in appropriate Trusts where relevant can offer peace of mind in a great many scenarios.  Whether it be to protect loved ones, business partners, matrimonial breakup, bank loans or one’s own standard of living, this insurance can provide the financial wherewithal at the time it is needed.

Protection cover comes in various forms; ordinary life insurance, critical illness insurance, income protection and private medical to name the most common.  But the uses to which these protections can be put can cover almost limitless situations and frequently they can be intelligently combined to provide for any number of circumstances.

For relatively modest premiums in relation to the level of protection provided, these plans can be used to cover short term liabilities such as business loans, Key person or Share/Partnership, maintenance payments or school fees, medium term arrangements such as Death–in-Service and mortgage protection or longer terms scenarios such as Inheritance Tax planning.

Most clients have a need for some form of cover and research indicates that many under-estimate the level of cover required; please do contact a NLP Financial Management Consultant for an in-depth review and recommendation of any appropriate solutions.

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